How to Clean the Yerba Mate Gourd



I went to the south of Brazil, I tried yerba mate and I loved it! I bought a gourd and was enjoying it very much, but I left the yerba mate inside the gourd for a few days and the gourd created mold, and the taste is not the same now. What do I do? Thank you, Alessandra.


Some people use baking soda to clean the gourd, this is an option. There is also another fantastic product to clean and renew the gourd, it is called h2o2 = hydrogen peroxide!

H2o2 is simply water with an extra particle of oxygen. It is a powerful oxidant, eliminates fungi and bacteria. H2o2 can be used in house cleaning, commercial cleaning and for hospital disinfection. H2o2 has no taste, no color and no smell.

To recover your gourd, you have to thoroughly clean the gourd first with soft sponge and water. Then you add hydrogen peroxide to the top and let it sit for a few hours. Do not use detergents, soap or anything else that will penetrate the gourd and leave it with a bad taste.

You will notice that the interior will become clearer. The gourd will not turn white like when you bought it. It is normal for the gourd to be dyed by the color of the yerba mate. My gourd, which was already very dark inside and with patches of mold, became clean and clearer. You can repeat this process as many times as you feel necessary or when you start to feel some unpleasant odor.

Never put the gourd upside down, and most importantly, never leave the gourd upside down while it is moist. That’s what causes mold! It is advisable to let the gourd dry in the sun before storing in the closet.

Important: Use h2o2 for home use in the right concentration, without perfumes or any other additive, or your gourd may look worse than before!

Types of Yerba Mate

The ways to make and enjoy yerba mate are many. The final result of the infusion will be more or less bitter according to the type of yerba mate chosen by the consumer. Here I will explain the types of yerba mate that exist and their forms of processing. Depending on the type of yerba mate and the way it is processed, different experiences and flavors will exist. Each person has a distinct taste that must be respected.


Yerba Mate Fights Bad Cholesterol, Diabetes and Even Slims

The yerba mate tea caused an average fall of 10% to 12% in bad cholesterol during a survey conducted by UFSC.

An herb, many recipes and different flavors from north to south of the country. In the Southeast, the preference is for the icy mate. This region consumes 60% of the industrialized yerba mate tea in Brazil. In the South, the yerba mate has the sweet taste of tradition. There, it is enjoyed with hot water in the gourd. You can even take it alone, but it’s good to get into a chimarrão circle. (more…)

Chimarrão: Yerba Mate in Brazil

The Brazilian drink made with the infusion of yerba mate is called chimarrão.

Roberto Ave-Lallemant (1812-1884), visiting southern Brazil in March 1858, records the folkloric importance of chimarrão: “The symbol of peace, harmony, complete understanding – the mate! Everyone present drank the yerba mate. Do not believe, however, that each had its own pump and gourd, none of it! Thus the mate would lose all its mystical significance. It happens with the gourd of mate like the smoking pipe. The pipe goes from nose to nose and the gourd from mouth to mouth.


Benefits of Yerba Mate

Analyzes and studies on yerba mate have revealed a composition that identifies various nutritional, physiological and medicinal properties in the product, which gives it a great potential of use. The master botanist Renato Kaspary, in a 1991 publication on yerba mate and Eunice Valduga, in a dissertation to obtain the master’s degree (95), bring various information about it.